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03-10-2017, 09:57 AM
Hi guys,

i would like to install black headlights and turn Signal/parklights from US Abarth 500 in European Version.

Does any one know how i can convert these ?

European Headlight includes the turn light and there is only normal light

but the high beam and parklight are seperatet !!

USA: Headlight include high beam - turn Signal and parklight seperate ...

Pls help and thanks



You could help me with a VIN from an Abarth 500 2009-2014 - only to have a reference to check the wires and plugs :-)


03-16-2017, 08:28 AM
Okay guys,

i donīt Need a VIN ..i only Need the wiring the two plugs from headlight and PL/turn Signal ....

are some People here working for Fiat USA and have Access to Dealer Connect ??

Me, as a german fiat dealer is no Access to the US Fiat/Abarth 500 :confusion:


03-16-2017, 06:19 PM
Couldn't find the thread that I originally got it from but this should be helpful to you. For a 2013.

Dropbox LINK (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4tbn4mur8si40mu/AAC2zvrhaOMmRuNwRys9R98Ta?dl=0)

03-21-2017, 09:12 AM
THX Ando,

this will help ..the pin assignment received from an Canadian dealer too !!

Now iīve to wait for the second park/turn lamp ..then we will start to transform

04-15-2017, 05:38 AM
Hey guys,

do the US Headlights not Need a Luminosity control ?? brightness Control ? ( i used Google translater for that )