View Full Version : Did body repair shop steal my seats and bose system

01-26-2017, 08:40 PM
My 2012 fiat 500 sport suffered a total driver's side body damage and smashed windshield after a deer hit me one day after Christmas. Of course I had dropped my comprehensive and only had liability insurance so I paid the repair man$2500 up front with $2000 due when it was finished. He said his work is warrantied. No internal damage was done. When I picked it up 13 days later, the owner was out of town at a car show, but my horror was when I opened the car door and the inside seats and console are extremely dirty, dusty, and I wasn't even sure those are my seats. The person that did the work said it was so dirty, he had to blow out the dog hair before he could work on it. I don't even have a dog, and The secretary came out with some cleaner when I said those aren't my seats. As I drove it home, I noticed the driver's side window isn't tinted and neither is the windshield. I went back the next day (today) and same argument, the guy said it was dog hair dirty, another guy said it was like that when I brought it in but when I asked him why the windshield wasn't tinted he said he didn't see the original windshield, I assured him it had a windshield when I brought it in. Anyway, an argument was starting between me, the 2 shop guys, and the secretary, and I can't do anything about it until the owner shows up next week. I was taking pictures for proof however, I have limited pictures of the interior before I took it in. I noticed the Bose system under the passenger doesn't look like I remember it. Does anyone have a decent picture of a nice Bose unit and is there anyway of finding a serial number of the seats and cup console. This one won't even fit my cups and it's got rust stains. I'm furious, they have been paid, and I need proof that i'm pretty sure the inside of my car was sabatoged.

01-26-2017, 09:57 PM
I would be upset also if I was in your situation. I would guess you'll have to wait till the owner of the business returns. Feel for your situation sir. Good luck.

01-26-2017, 10:27 PM
Be sure to look for any pics of your car. Even if its just in the background. You may be surprised at how much info is contained in those "incidental" pics. If the owner doesn't give you any satisfaction let him know that you have proof of the shoddy work and substandard parts and that you will be taking him to small claims court to get said satisfaction. You dont need an attorney in small claims and you can sue for up to 5k in most states. Also if you bought your car used you may want to contact the previous owner and see what he or she or they have to say. They may have pics. Dont back down!!! He has more to lose. And dont hesitate to bluff as to what proof you may or may not have.

01-27-2017, 10:46 AM
Maybe it's a different car altogether?

01-27-2017, 11:34 AM
Sounds like they replaced the windshield and the drivers door glass and didn't have it tinted. Body shops can get extremely dusty and dirty so when the windshield or door was opened the interior got covered in dirt. How does the rest of the car look? Did they do a good job? With sloppy work like that you should check over everything they did. You should get an itemized bill with a list of the parts replaced and the work done.

They need to get your windows tinted and if they don't do that sort of thing they should have told you. Plus they owe you a interior detailing, but it sounds like they don't do good work so see if you can get them to pay for a cleanup at a place that cares or give you a refund for the cost of the cleaning. If the work is substandard and they won't make good on it do the small claims court thing. You need pictures.

Post a picture of your interior and Bose system so we can see what you are talking about and we can check to see if you have sport seats.

01-28-2017, 02:47 AM
A lot of times cars in body shops will sit with doors and stuff removed while they wait for parts to come in, causing dust to accumulate inside. The tint thing is a boo boo on their end which they should fix without much hassle, but as for the seats? Ask if there was another 500 in for repairs. Maybe the seats got swapped around on accident.