View Full Version : End of Year: GS AutoX champ!

Robert Nixon
12-19-2016, 05:00 PM
To be honest, autocross is so much fun, I think I'd do it if I finished last. My local club had very few GS drivers this year, so I managed to win the class for the year. The Tidewater Sports Car Club does a great job of running 9 autocross events a year, plus a few lapping days on a track, so it's been fun. Best of all, they have great prizes if you win your class, and for the top 10 PAX drivers for the year. So, here's my new jacket and trophy I brought home from the end of year dinner the other night. Can't seem to flip it the right way up!

Bottom line, if you haven't autocrossed your Abarth or Turbo yet, 2017 is your year to give it a shot!