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06-13-2016, 01:55 AM
Hi All,

New guy from Canada (we dont' have a 500x forum there yet..) Just got a 500x Lounge (FWD) for my wife as our family car, good safety rating meaning i am less worry when my kid and her are on the road. (with blindspot detector and sunroof), my wife fell in love with the look and i didn't hesitate and got her the car (happy wife happy life..). Fast forward 1000 KM later (Canadian, Eh) i got some questions that i want to ask.

Uconnect 5.0... i really wanted nav (and need for work) but my wife can't wait 3 months for a custom made car so i am stuck without. I have seen other Uconnect (on jeep/ truck usually bigger screen) that can be modify (or hack...) to use as andriod or apple ios interface, anything like that for our Uconnect 5.0?

9 Speed auto... i really hated the first 2 (sometime 3) gears, i have never driven a car that has that rough shifts ( my wife manual skill is better), i did some research and asked my dealer to help "Flash" the transmission and their answer was: "you will get use to our 9 speeds shift soon, there isn't any update or Flash that can be done" then i pointed out articles online regarding the flash, then they reply: " US is different than Canada" .. i left without wanting to continue this pointless conversation. How do i ask them to do the flash? any idea?

HID/ LED Headlights: i am quite surprise it didn't came with HID (with the projectors).. now i want to upgrade it to HID or LED and only find out that 9012 is hard to find local. I have heard good things about LED (not expensive, as good as HID and easy to install). Any thought?

Handrest center storage USB. You know.. the one that hide inside the center storage (not the one in front). does it charge? because mine doesn't..

500Madness Remap... how much HPS does it release? Kinda wanna be closer to my friend Mini Countrymen S

Lastly, impression so far. Gas consumption is higher than expected (12.5- 13.3 L / 100KM , sorry Canada again...), engine is ok... transmission is really garbage (overkill at 9 speed and rough shifts, unless reflash would help).



06-13-2016, 07:10 PM
Hi Woody500X, welcome to the board.


Your dealer seems to be behind the curve. In the US there are software updates that the dealer will apply to improve the shifts (US only update below).

There is also a major update that does numerous modules, including the engine, trans and body control modules.

Tech bulletin: 08-010-16 REV. A Dated: February 23, 2016 FIAT 500X Diagnostic And System Improvements


Also your transmission adapts as you drive:

The 948TE automatic transmission uses a shift algorithm that includes learned information so that the shift quality remains even as the transmission wears. This learned information is referred to as “adaptation”. This has to be relearned when the control module is reflashed, Until the adaptation has been learned/relearned, the transmission shift quality may not meet expectations. Adaptation will continue to update as the vehicle is driven providing improved shifts as the vehicle mileage increases.

source: FCA

Chris Armstrong
07-15-2016, 03:59 PM
Sorry Woody that your dealer is crap. I got lucky and have one close by that is very helpful and even told me about the current updates. And thank you Sport for the great info.

07-21-2016, 09:14 PM
Hey Woody!

Glad to see another Canadian on here and congratulations! My 500X is pretty much brand new as well and haven't taken it back to the dealership. When I go in for my first oil change I'll ask about any updates and see if it actually is a Canada thing or if it's just your specific studio. As for the 9 speed transmission I find my shifts from 1st to 2nd or 2nd to 3rd to have a mind of their own; most of the time I'm really happy with the shift if I press my foot on the gas just right... Other times though it can be a bit rough. From what I've learned on the forum here our transmission seems to have a learning curve it goes through when you first start driving it. I don't know how many miles (or kilometers) it takes before it starts understand what we want to do.