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06-02-2016, 11:56 PM
Hola friends!

It is now reaching 90 degrees levels in LA which means less sunroof time and more A/C time and I had a couple of questions. First I hardly feel anything coming out of the floor vents when I have them turned on. There is a noticeable difference in air flow to be much stronger when I turn on face vents only, but when I put it back on both floor and face even on the highest setting possible, you literally have to put your hands right on top of the gas pedal to feel even the tiniest inkling of air. Is that normal?

Also the air is somewhat weak and not making the inside of the car very cold in general. From the elbows up it's fine but since there is no way to position the vents so that anything is hitting anywhere near the seat area (and possibly since little to nothing is coming out the floor area) I immediately start sticking to my leather seats and by the time I get out of my car after a 15 minute drive with the A/C blasting my entire backside and the backs of my legs are wet with sweat. I had to start traveling with a small towel to wipe the seats off after a short drive and when I stand up out of the car my dress is literally stuck to my body with moisture. This is 15 minutes of driving with the A/C on recirculate at 66 degrees, airflow turned up as high as it goes. I've always had leather seats in my cars so I know a little bit of this is to be expected but this is another level in comparison to previous cars. Is it just something wrong with my floor vents or is it just harder to get air to circulate to all areas the way the 500x is fashioned?

06-03-2016, 09:08 AM
Floor vents tend to have weak flow in general. Put your AC settings on max AC. Put system on recirc on upper vents. Place a thermometer in the middle upper vent and either drive around or hold the idle to 1500rpm. Temp at this point should read 40 degrees F. If not see dealer. If you cant get this temp everything else doesn't matter.