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Robert Nixon
05-22-2016, 08:03 PM
Bottom line up front: Here's the video of my fastest run at autocross today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AojHpQKBQ9s&feature=share

This is with the Tidewater Sports Car Club here in Virginia Beach on the Little Creek Naval Base. In the video you can see the water of the Chesapeake Bay out there, so it's a scenic spot. Today was wet most of the time, and only about 60 degrees, so working the first run group on course for 2 hours in wind/rain was not the most fun of my life! But, the driving in the last run group of the day made it worthwhile. I'm not real fast, but managed to beat the only other GS car today, a VW GTI, 2/10th ahead of him at the end of the day.

This course was smaller and tighter than normal, so I think that helped me (small car) compared to some drivers. Still waiting on total PAX to see where I placed overall. You can see the raw times from everyone today at this link: http://tidewaterscc.github.io/archive-results/live-results/live-results.html

Probably the most fun of the day was just hanging out with the other folks I've met through the club, and getting one of my buddies from work to co-drive the Abarth also. He was in the Novice class GS with the Abarth, and in only his 2nd event, so he managed a reasonable 16th out of 21 Novices.

My runs went like this: RUN 1--took it relatively easy, 37.573 RUN 2--pushing it more in the damp, improved over a second to 36.467, and the VW guy was playing it really safe and was way behind, but I knew he'd go faster. RUN 3--tried to go faster in a few sections, but it didn't work, and I was 2 tenths slower at 36.660 RUN 4--last chance, pushed it where I could and played safe where I had to, best time for me of 36.140

Really fun despite the rain, I can't say it enough that if you have an Abarth or any autocross eligible car, you've got to give this thing a try!

Coolest cars I saw today, a Lotus Esprit, a 66 Mini, and a great looking Porsche 914. My photo album on Facebook from today is at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10208553237299706.1073741872.1571797340&type=1&l=6d5d8582d8

05-22-2016, 08:38 PM
Good job Mr Robert

Robert Nixon
05-24-2016, 01:56 PM
Final results on line say I was 40th PAX out of 111 drivers, so no excuses, but still in the top 50%. If I was to make excuses I'd point out that the other two-thirds of the drivers got a run or two on dry pavement!

My co-driver in the Abarth was in just his 2nd autocross, and he managed 16th out of 21 Novices, so he's starting to make progress too.

05-24-2016, 10:25 PM
Really nice, Robert. Boy, that doesn't look like as much fun as it probably seemed to be at the time, but it looks like your RE71s did a nice job for you! Congrats on the win!

We had some sprinkles looming out here in Sacramento last Saturday, but it held off and I didn't have to test my 'skills' in the wet yet. As usual, I took a second behind the local Celica who has beat me all but one time over my 3-year career. Surprisingly to me, though, was a new competitor here driving a GTI. He dropped 3 seconds from 1st to 4th run, and I barely beat him - by 0.8 seconds. On Sunday, he came from behind and dropped SIX seconds to take first. I'm still not sure how he did that because his other Sunday runs were 68, 67, and 69... dropping to 62 in his second run. Oh well... I'll do my best for the rest of the year and then see how H Street pans out next year. Unless.... the FiSTs start showing up!!:banghead:

If I was in H this year I'd be cleaning up after looking at all the times....

I get to try again pretty quickly... we have another 2 rounds this coming weekend, and then a hiatus for a month or so.

Anyway, again, nice showing!! :rockon:

Robert Nixon
05-24-2016, 10:50 PM
Thank, despite the rain it was fun, and I think the RE71Rs were very solid in the rain, I really didn't feel any extra slipping and sliding.

I know my skills won't take me very far against a good driver or the Fiesta STs around here, so I'm looking at either upgrading to STX or driving something else next year. It's not all about the winning, so we'll see how it goes.

Given the Focus ST, VW GTIs and Abarths, I'm just going to guess that the best driver will win!