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Robert Nixon
04-25-2016, 03:38 PM
Race week once again, let's hope the time flies between now and Friday!

Last weeks race in China had all 22 starters finishing the full race, and I've read that this was only the 5th time it has ever happened in Formula 1! Very rare for all starters to finish, and that's dating back to when F1 started in 1950. I'll guess that we won't see that happen again in Russia, although there is a very long run down to the first real corner from the start, so maybe at least everyone will get through there without crashing!

Rosberg now has won all 3 races this year, and 6 in a row counting 2015, so maybe it's time for someone else to win. It's likely to be Hamilton on top of the podium, but the Ferrari fan inside of me is still looking for a victory from Vettel or Raikkonen. Maybe the Red Bull guys will be there too, so if nothing else I'm rooting for a good race, and not just the pole sitter leads from start to finish. OK, if a Finnish driver named Kimi leads start to end, that would be OK!

Getting beyond their points in the first two races from Grosjean, and then Gutierrez finally finishing in the third race, let's hope both Haas cars finish and are both in the points. With McLaren looking stronger, that might be tough to do, so there's a big battle for those points places 8-9-10.

At the back of the pack, the three points-less teams of Sauber, Manor, and Renault are fighting to not be last, but I'm going to predict they just aren't going to go beyond that, and we're likely to see them spend the entire year without any top ten finishes.





Robert Nixon
04-27-2016, 09:49 PM
For all three or four of us following F1...The race Sunday starts at 8am Eastern, so we get a full hour of pre-race show on NBCSN starting at 7am Eastern!

If you need to sleep, go ahead and DVR it anyway or watch on the NBC app later!


04-28-2016, 06:26 AM
Because I don't do paid tv, I wish more races were aired on standard NBC. I'll follow the race online.

I'm not convinced Ham has a chance to win in Russia... something seems off this season and it's not his skill level. I think Ricciardo or Seb have better chances. Kimi always has a chance of playing spoiler. Grosjean [with that latest generation Ferrari power] always has a chance at podium too. I'm looking for all things winning to grow increasingly serious in the SF camp, as the role of Marchionne continues to evolve.

04-28-2016, 09:06 AM
Because I don't do paid tv, I wish more races were aired on standard NBC. I'll follow the race online.

Any suggestions as to the best place(s) online to follow the event?

04-28-2016, 12:14 PM
Take your pick:



Robert Nixon
04-28-2016, 12:53 PM
I like the bleacher report, they pick up just about every bit of news there is, and their App on the phone is easy to use. (they still need to add the Haas team in the "team stream" section)

Another forum that has a big F1 following, with people commenting live during all sessions and races is the F1 section of www.ferrarichat.com There will usually be someone posting some other live stream links on there, which may or may not work depending on where in the world you live.

For live streaming the NBC Sports Live Extra App is free, and has the same video feed that F1 gives everyone else.

For more detailed coverage during driving sessions and races, the official F1 App has tons of info, split times, tire info, radio messages, and all the live streaming info that is up to a minute ahead of the world wide TV feed we see on TV in the US. Not a big deal being "really" live, but the British broadcasters (audio only) on the app are way more fun to listen to than the NBCSN trio in my opinion.

Robert Nixon
04-29-2016, 09:14 AM
Practice 1: Rosberg, Hamilton, then the two Ferraris (Mercedes on super soft, Ferrari on soft, so maybe getting closer!)
Practice 2: Hamilton, Vettel, Rosberg, Raikkonen (all on super soft I believe, but Vettel only did a few laps and had to retire due to electrical issues with the car.

Ferrari continue with car troubles, Mercedes still a clear winner in Russia, and McLaren crack the top ten for both cars in FP2.

Edited to add that Vettel had to change his gearbox, so will get a 5 place grid penalty in the race on Sunday. That will make it tougher to get on the podium, but he should be able to do so. Could open the door for Raikkonen to be the best Ferrari, maybe even first.

Robert Nixon
04-30-2016, 09:30 AM
Qualifying ends with Rosberg on pole, then Bottas, Raikkonen, Massa! Vettel grid penalty starts 7th, and Hamilton with engine issues didn't run in Q3, so will start either 10th or lower depending on a running off track incident AND the engine issue possibly knocking him back to last!

The NBCSN website now says they will rebroadcast qualifying at 6:30pm Eastern tonight, Saturday. Missed that earlier in the week

05-01-2016, 11:58 AM
Kvyat strikes again! Dagnabit!!

Kimi snagged 3rd ... despite having to wrestle position from Bottas.

05-01-2016, 05:22 PM
can't believe what I'm seeing, Kvyat hit Vettle twice? in just the first half of the first lap?

05-02-2016, 07:34 AM
This marks 2/2 races Kvyat tried to out aggressive-drive Seb. Uh-No. I hate to go there, but it's almost as if the fix is in. This isn't NASCAR.

Robert Nixon
05-02-2016, 11:43 AM
The in car footage makes it look like it was all Kvyat's fault both times, the first time Vettel was already late braking way on the inside so it was Kvyat's responsibility not to hit the guy in front of him. Then in the long turn 3 left hander I'm not sure what happened, maybe Vettel already had an issue and couldn't' get up to speed. Hearing his remarks in the barrier was pretty funny though!

Good job by Renault to score points, Grosjean in the top 10 again while holding off Perez a long time. Too bad for all the damage on the first lap, I was looking forward to a Vettel/Hamilton fight on track but it didn't happen. The NBC guys didn't comment on this, but on another forum the discussion was that in the turn 2 crashes that Hamilton just saw what was ahead and floored it to go wide around the corner, wide around the bollard, and gained a lot of positions by not even trying to stay on course. If so, I guess he got away with it, but I'm just going to keep rooting for Ferrari. If I have to cheer for a Mercedes driver, seeing Nico Rosberg as world champion would be fine too!

05-03-2016, 08:35 PM
Yeah, he referred to his off-the-cuff remarks later on in the track interview.... with a sardonic smile. It's a bit odd that Kvyat gets him in two races and twice in this one, but on the other hand Seb really tried to thread a needle in his typical drive to the front. And it appears that Seb DID back off quickly on the second hit, giving Daniil no room to avoid him. But since I like Seb, I'll go with his story :-)

Robert Nixon
05-03-2016, 08:47 PM
Yeah, I'm still not sure what happened with the 2nd contact in the middle of turn 3. One broadcast (found on YouTube) the announcers thought Vettel had a puncture that slowed him down, causing KVY to hit him the 2nd time. Another forum one reader thought Vettel was slowing to avoid Perez or whoever was in front of him. From watching various replays, there were a lot of cars going at different speeds into turn 3, so it's hard to tell as far as I'm concerned.

Hamilton had flown around the damage at turn 2, around the bollard, and was up right about even with Vettel or ahead of Vettel, but then seemed to slow down (maybe thinking he was giving back any places he'd gained by going off track.

Regardless, just seemed to be a wide variety of speeds, some cars speeding up and others slowing down past turn 2.

05-04-2016, 09:55 AM
At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what caused the second contact. It's the driver's responsibility to avoid contact. In this case, it was Kvyat's responsibility to avoid the second contact on the same driver in the next corner. Kvyat needs time to settle into the finer points of F1 driving... assuming he's capable. When your actions force or otherwise case contact the onus is on you. Kvyat failed to avoid what happened, because he's not experienced enough to see the entire track ahead of him. He's not mature enough to take responsibility (See; Daniil laughing when Seb approached after the Shanghai race. What's to laugh about when you're being chastised for ruining Kim's race? But he did podium so it's all good? Seb did podium so it's all good? No. You ruined Kimi's race in China and Seb's race in Russia.)

Yes... Ham definitely gained positions with that off-track move. I can almost forgive that.

Robert Nixon
05-05-2016, 01:42 PM
Big news today: Red Bull swaps Kvyat and Verstappen! Wow! Must be nice having two teams worth of drivers under contract and being able to do this! I suppose mostly it's punishment to Kvyat for not only ruining his own race, but also taking out his team mate in Russia on turn 2.