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04-14-2016, 11:09 AM
I was at my local studio getting the oil changed/tires rotated on our 500L, so I stepped into the showroom as I always do to say howdy, and commented to the young gal who runs the studio's internet marketing that I noticed on Cars.com that the 500X inventory (using a nation-wide search) seems to be dwindling with no new stock showing up lately. She said that she believed that all new production will be turned out as 2017 models. I guess that's when we'll start to see the reorganization of how the X is to be sold and marketed, simplifying to fewer trim lines, using "packages" instead of "collections", and pricing that apparently will provide for little overlap on the 500L (not sure how they're gonna pull that off, because as it stands now the L and the X have a great deal of overlap).

Hopefully this will allow for a more easily satisfied customer and a product that is an easier sell from the perspective of the Studio. I've always thought that Fiat was off base to show these myriad combination possibilities, which must total in the hundreds of thousands (theoretically), seemingly promising near Mini-like customization, whereas in reality it just meant that you were unlikely to ever find 'exactly' what you're looking for, meaning that the car purchasing experience might leave many customers feeling vaguely unsatisfied at best. We'll see how the new strategy pans out here shortly. I wouldn't be surprised if they come out with Pop, Sport/Trekking and Lounge trims, just as in the 500 line, maybe even with a bit different suspension tuning for the sportier trim(s) and a nicer ride quality at the expense of handling prowess in the Lounge trim.

Also, the buzz on the possibility of an Abarth version of the 500X seems to have calmed down, and I'm starting to think that maybe that the Abarth X is not going to happen. I was a little bit disappointed to see that the Spider 124 Abarth (in NA trim) has a HP figure that is the same as the figure for the non-Abarth versions. It does have the blatty (quad!) exhaust though, similar in character to the 500 Abarth's. I wonder if in fact Fiat do decide to build the Abarth 500X, will it also have no HP increase over the base 2.4 liter?



04-14-2016, 06:26 PM
The latest news is the 2017 Fiat 500X is arriving in February 2017. The 2017 500 will be in September.

04-15-2016, 08:21 AM
The latest news is the 2017 Fiat 500X is arriving in February 2017. The 2017 500 will be in September.

Maybe an early intro of a 2017 was just speculation on the part of the person at the local studio here. I'd have to say Feb/2017 sounds more likely. Neither here nor there, but the 2016 Chevrolet Volt was produced for about a month before the 2017 came out (with some improvements, as I recall- wouldn't want to have been one who jumped on the '16 if true).