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02-02-2016, 12:22 PM
Hello all

After I updated the unit to 15.05.00 / service bulletin 08-088-15 released in 2015-08-28 I learned that randomly the unit
is looking for a USB stick with an update when i start the car ("Checking for a USB stick with an update" message in pic 1).
After a while this message is replaced with an error
"There was a problem while starting the head unit , If this error persists after an ignition cycle please see your dealer" message in pic 2

Note that i verified the VIN first and was presented with this update on the Uconnect web site see pic 3

Uconnect support simply sent me to the dealer but only when this issue happens so that they can further investigate.

This will be really hard to accomplish due to the fact that this happens mostly when leaving for work, outside business hours or during weekends when the dealership service is closed.

So far the only fix for this is to leave the car off for more than 15 min and start again. Eventually everything will start working again.

Things i did not try yet and planning to test during the weekend

1) Try to run the update again
2) Factory reset the unit
3) Disconnect the battery to fully reboot the unit

Any other ideas or suggestions ?

Does anybody else have the same problem after the update ?

02-02-2016, 05:38 PM
Dealer did mine, no problems; seemed to fix the SXM reception and backup camera stuttler just fine. I wanted to do the USB update but could not get it to download.

02-08-2016, 11:24 AM
Ok. i reinstalled the update and everything works perfectly. Here is what i did different this time.

It turns out that i did not use the complete update procedure while installing the new software. If you follow the instructions from the tutorial only (see Pic 1 Installing the update tutorial guide) you most probably skip very important steps and will end up with messages like the ones i got. However there is another part on the Uconnect page where you can download the full update bulletin (https://rsur.download.chrysler.com/1186/08_088_15.pdf?__gda__=1454946636_aeb767ae6e624b620 5b25b040b6327bf) (see Pic 2 Installing the update document link)and that will help you in successfully updating your unit without any problems. I extracted the steps below:

1. **Has the USB flash drive been created?**
a. Yes >>> Proceed to Step #4.
b. No >>> Proceed to Step #2.
CAUTION: **Discard any old USB flash drives (7.2.2 SW Build 13.49.0 stick).**
2. **Go to DealerCONNECT> Service> UCONNECT Information & Utilities> Uconnect
Dealer software downloads to down load the files.**
3. **If a securely message appears “Do you want to view only the web page content that
was delivered securely?” press ”NO” to continue.**
NOTE: **A blank USB flash drive must be used to down load the software. Only one
software update can be used on one USB flash drive.**
NOTE: **If the dealer cannot down load the software, make sure you have proper
security access. If not have the Service Manager or Shop Foreman down load
the software update.**
NOTE: • **Acquire a blank USB flash drive with at least 4 gb of space.**
• **Download the software update file to your local PC’s desktop.**
• **Be sure to extract the file before copying it to the blank USB flash
• **A blank USB flash drive will be needed one for each radio update,
both updates can not be on the same USB flash drive.**
• **Once the file is saved to the USB flash drive, it is recommended that
the USB flash drive be physically labeled with the bulletin number and
radio sales code.**
4. Turn the engine on and check if the vehicle is still in ship mode.
5. The vehicle must be in Customer Mode to update the radio. Is the vehicle in Ship
a. Yes >>> Proceed to Step #6.
b. No >>> Proceed to Step #7.
6. Use the scan tool (wiTech) to put the vehicle into customer mode.
7. With the engine running and radio powered on, insert the correct USB flash drive into
USB hub.
8. The next screen display will have the old and new software level. The radio will be
updated to version **15.05.0.**
9. Is the current software level at or higher then **15.05.0?**
a. Yes >>> The bulletin does not apply. Perform normal diagnostics.
NOTE: **Use inspection LOP 18-60-02-HL to close an active RRT.**
b. No >>> Proceed to Step #10.
NOTE: Do not cycle the ignition or touch the radio during the update process.
08-088-15 -2-
10. Press the soft key “Yes” to start the update.
11. The update may take approximately 11 minutes, no other actions will be needed.
NOTE: If the software update process is interrupted/aborted, the process should be
12. During the software update process, the radio will reset itself once to finish Front
Controller update.
13. After reset, check software version: Press Hard Key Settings -> System Information to
show Software version **15.05.0.**
14. Check speak icon disposition: RADIO Hard Key -> Audio Soft Key -> Balance / Fade,
manually correct the icon position if it is not at the center (Fig. 1).
15. Turn ignition OFF and wait 30+ seconds to let the CAN bus go to full sleep.
NOTE: To help put the Bus to sleep quicker, remove the key from the ignition, open
and close the driver door and make sure the wiTech is not connected.
16. Turn ignition ON to check speak icon position again.
17. Turn ignition OFF and wait 30+ seconds to let the CAN Bus go to full sleep.
18. Turn ignition ON and wait 30+ seconds to let radio fully boot up.
19. Turn ignition OFF and wait 30+ seconds to let the CAN Bus go to full sleep.

02-10-2016, 10:25 AM
Thanks for posting this tutorial. Is anyone has additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!