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12-09-2015, 03:27 PM
Good Afternoon yall.

I decided to join this forum after reading some useful information here. I live in Houston and I don't see so many Fiats on the road, feels good to know I'm not alone.
I have a couple of questions and I hope I'm posting this in the correct place.
I recently purchased a used 2014 Fiat 500 L Trekking with 18k on the odometer from a non Fiat dealer, according to the research I have made online the car "should" under Fiat's warranty.
I want to know if I can take advantage of that warranty or I have to buy one on my own. I downloaded a Fiat app from the play store and it talks about roadside assistance, etc.
I'd like to confirm what kinda coverage I have (if I have any).
Is there a website or something like that where I can confirm this?

Currently at the moment I have no issues with the car, on the contrary i'm really happy with the purchase.. panoramic sunroof, rear view camera, xm radio (even the signal is crap around here i dont know if its my unit) and bluetooth streaming.
Ride is smooth and great gas mileage.
Only little concern I have its when I bought the car they stated the car was inspected at a Fiat studio and everything was on point but after a month of driving the car, the brakes are making a tiny squealing noise.
And before I take it somewhere I wanna know what options I have.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

Best Regards.

12-09-2015, 03:58 PM
Same issue, I found this in another thread here form a fellow Fiat Owner, downloaded and printed so I am golden now


12-09-2015, 04:14 PM
Hi ramonhawk,
Congratulations on your Fiat 500L and welcome to the forum! Your vehicle has a 4-Year/50,000 mile basic limited warranty that stays with the vehicle regardless of ownership. If you'd like to PM me your VIN, I can look up exactly when your vehicle's warranty expires.

Basic Limited Warranty - 4 Yrs/50,000 Miles

Anti-Corrosion Perforation Limited Warranty (Outer Panel) – 5 Yrs/100,000 Miles

Roadside Assistance (services include the following) – 4 Yrs/Unlimited:
Flat tire service
Out of Gas/Fuel Delivery (max 2 gallons)
Battery jump assistance
Lockout service
Towing assistance

Let me know if you have any other questions!

12-09-2015, 09:01 PM
I have a Mopar extended warranty and I'm very pleased with it. If you can buy one I recommend it. It's taken good care of me and has excellent coverage.

12-09-2015, 11:42 PM
Welcome to the forum to both of the new members and good luck with getting things resolved. Glad to see FiatCares is already here and hopefully able to help you guys out!

02-11-2016, 07:35 PM
Wow. I didn't even know the warranty included the roadside and all that! Nice! Thanks Erica for chiming in!