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12-07-2015, 12:35 PM
Hello everyone. We have a 2014 500L with the DC tranny. Everything as far as computer flashes go are up to date. We purchased early this year with under a hundred miles. Wife loves the car especially in yellow. Was driving great until we started running into issues. We also live by Seattle, Wa. Lots of steep hills.

1st issue: Doesn't happen every time or even every other time but once in a while, we'd be stopped at a very steep incline (usually a red light). Light turns green and car will not go. Pressing hard or soft on the gas doesn't matter. Just wouldn't go. Tried manual mode doesn't help either and no, hill assist is also off. Just got to wait and keep forcing the car to go just to get it going. This took upwards of up to 30sec to finally force the car to get moving again. By this time, people are honking or close to rear ending us by accident.

Took to the dealer, no stored codes, couldn't replicate. They said to try leaving hill assist on and hopefully that solves that issue but no, still happened several times so we bring it back. Upon a more extensive drive, the tech started hearing transmission sounds which was enough to get us a new transmission. The original issue was never solved or replicared.

2nd issue: was looking forward to my wife driving her car with no more issues. 1 day, it was raining, she was on lunch and decided to drive up the hill. It was stop and go traffic at this time. As she inched her way up to the steepest section, car didn't want to go so she pressed the gas harder and caused wheels to spin then car just stopped responding. At this point she thought it was the same issue all over again but this time, car was unresponsive. Other drivers tried to help by trying to get the car to go because they thought hey, she's a girl and probably didn't know how to work it. They couldn't either. So they help push the car to the side where my wife fully disengages the ignition. She starts it back up and went back down the hill since she didn't want to risk the same issue all over again. Coasting down hill, car became unresponsive again! As if the other time wasn't traumatic enough and now going down the hill with same issue. She coasted to the side. She noted all power assist was unresponsive as well. Again, fully disengage ignition then turn it back on.

We bring back to the shop and again, no stored codes, couldn't replicate the issue. They even went and pretty much asked, are you sure you didn't turn the car off accidentally etc to my wife. They take the car and do more trial runs, we get a loaner. Called us back after running our car for a couple of days and adding like 40 miles and still couldn't replicate. Told me if I want to try and replicate the issue using my wife's car and they can give her a loaner since I drive a lot. Declined since I don't go through hills etc.

It's getting icy cold out on certain mornings now while my wife was driving down the driveway, not too steep but icy, wheels spin a little due to traction and the car shuts off. She immediately turn it fully off and back on which is what i told her to do next time something like the previous incident happens. Next day, I was off so I took wife to work so I can test the car out. After dropping wife off, and got back up to our hilly driveway, it happened to me. Car actually stalled out. Restarted and tried to replicate. Within 80 tries, I got it to happen twice. Looks pretty **** random. With all the info I had, I bring back to the shop, they gave us a loaner and after several days and a couple of miles, they couldn't replicate. It was rainy these past days so no icy conditions like I mentioned but slippery conditions should of done the job.

We're picking the car back up today, this morning with zero progress. Not sure what else to do from here. Some people suggested lemon law or media. Suggestions or tips anyone? It's going to be full blown winter in a few weeks where lots of icy roads or black ice. Add that on top of the steep hills that we have here.

12-07-2015, 01:59 PM
Hi DarkReign,
I'm sorry to hear about this experience! If you'd like to PM me your VIN, contact information, and the name of your studio, I can see if there's anything I can do to assist.

12-07-2015, 07:54 PM
Hill Assist is still off? So do you/she use both feet to drive on the inclines? I've heard that the computer gets confused if that's the case.

12-08-2015, 01:00 AM
Hill assist was off and even tried on and didn't help. Yes we know about the driving with both feet so that's not it. Again, not being able to go over inclines has been fixed by new tranny. Now, car just stalls once in a while. Usually when car skidding on icy road or wheels spinning

12-08-2015, 02:07 AM
Wondering if the traffic was creeping up the hill? Creeping is very hard on the trans, especially up hill. Sort of like slipping the clutch on a manual transmission car. Did the trans overheat warning come on? Wonder if the clutch/trans got so hot it just stopped working if that's possible.

As for the current problem, did the trans shift up into a higher gear with the wheels spinning? If the trans shifted into second with the wheels spinning and then when the tire gained traction and the speed went down I could imagine that the trans was in too high a gear and the car stalled. I would guess using the manual mode would be the best thing to do in very slippery conditions.

12-08-2015, 11:07 PM
Are you leaving it in gear or putting it in neutral at stops on inclines?

12-09-2015, 02:27 AM
Guys, the 1st issue is nonexistent at the moment. Only the 2nd issue is the current problem.
Bryanintownson, she most likely left it in gear and treated is as a normal automatic.
Fiat500USA, yeah i thought about that. I advised my wife to try that and see if it helps. Usually though, it just stays in 2nd(D2) after the car has been rolling in speed already.