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11-17-2015, 11:50 PM
I wondered prejudice the x 500 'was made in Italy so why not there and the Italian language in the system setting?

Tks mizius

11-17-2015, 11:52 PM
Its made for the NA market, the software in UConnect is not the same as the Euro version.

11-18-2015, 12:05 AM
thanks, the timely response. I thought instead that we could put any language in particular the Italian language

11-18-2015, 12:19 AM
When you are localizing software for different markets, you are often changing more than just text. Things like radio frequencies, compliance laws, and features are different in each market. Considering this, they are likely only going to translate to the language important to that market (Which for NA is going to be English, Spanish and French).