View Full Version : Anyone else have a display shatter with finger pressure alone?

11-12-2015, 04:34 PM
Warning, this is a bit long, and as much a rant as anything else, but I'm a bit irritated at Fiat right now. Here's the story;

I recently had the display on my '14 Trekking Uconnect radio crack when I was using it. Not surprisingly, I guess, the dealer & FCA don't believe such damage is the result of normal use, though I swear I was just trying to reset the clock when it cracked.
When I brought it in to my dealer, they called FCA and came back to me with "FCA will warranty it THIS one time", and the part should be in within a week. Great! I thanked them, and left.

The next morning I get a call telling me that FCA had in fact declined the claim, and the radio would need to be replaced ($1000+) out of pocket. I called FCA customer service, and they held strong that such damage wasn't covered. I pointed out that after buying 9 Kias over the last 12yrs, I just (within the last year) bought TWO NEW Fiats, and such a stance on a relatively minor issue shakes my confidence in their warranty policies. Their response was "Sorry, have a nice day"...literally all she said!

So, my question after all this background, for you folks... is this typical of how FCA handles customer issues? I mean, I only have around 10,000 miles on each of these new cars, and now I'm seriously considering trading them in on Kias again, just for piece of mind.

Thanks all, for putting up with this venting. :friendly_wink:

11-12-2015, 06:33 PM
if there is any slight hint that it is your fault, FCA will wash their hands of it. Welcome to the club.