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07-12-2015, 12:42 PM

I'm a relatively new owner of a 2014 500L Trekking that I purchased at the end of February, and I already have over 7500 miles on it! I like my car, but, due to reading this and other sites, determined that I should have a new battery in my car, as it'd be sitting on lots so long.

When I went to have the new battery (I made this a condition of sale, but they couldn't install it that day for some reason), the studio also did software updates, recall work, and an update to the BCM.

I've ended up with 3 very annoying issues:

1. Suddenly one day while driving, I was forced to make a quick stop in traffic. I continued on my journey after, but after my appointment, a low tire pressure light had come on for the front right. I went to a gas station and filled the tired, got back in, and now the back right tire was low. I filled that. Next morning, both tires low. I filled both. Later that day, both tires low, on the right side only, so went to Pep Boys and had them take a look. They could not find any problems. Same problem Sunday morning. Monday, I was at my studio, but they just gave excuses, couldn't find a problem, blamed the tire gauge I was using (even though I'd used several by this point, at many different locations), or said maybe the TPMS sensors were bad. I reasoned with them that if the TPMS sensor was bad, then the tires wouldn't also show low pressure. They didn't offer much help.

I returned Tuesday morning with low pressure again, but didn't have much time to give them. They pumped up the tires and "reset" the TPMS sensor (at least that's what they claimed. The TMPS sensor resets itself when the tire pressure is correct, so who knows what they're talking about.

I returned Wednesday morning, and demanded a solution or new tires, or something. I was given a loaner car for my trouble, and eventually, by 4:00 p.m., they'd found "two pin-hole punctions in the valley of the tread of both tires."

The experience was frustrating, perhaps for both me, and the studio, as I had a problem, took obvious steps to correct it, but they didn't seem to care what I'd done, instead blaming my inability to fill the tire or my gauge. Apparently these leaks were small, so until Wednesday, they hadn't taken the time to find them. It's always possible that I ran over something that created the tiny pinholes in the "valley" of the tread on both tires, but I'm a bit suspect. The studio told me they've fixed the holes, and I've not had an issue in several weeks now. Thoughts?

2. Ever since the BCM update, the backup camera has been "stuttering." Simply put car in reverse, and walk across it. It stutters, clear as day. Other forum members seem to also have the issue, but as the studio tried on another car on their lot, and had the same issue, they tell me that it is working "as designed", and there is nothing they can do. I tell them that it worked fine before the BCM update, but they say that there is no proof of that, and that it's not an issue. It's still very frustrating to me!

3. The satellite radio reception is horrible. I live in SoCal, and have owned satellite radios in other vehicles. While one can expect a brief drop of audio while going under a large bridge, or while in a tunnel, or even perhaps in the middle of the city with tall buildings all around, my experience has been relatively trouble-free. Until the 500L. The audio cuts out all the time. Even when I'm in the middle of a freeway with nothing of note around, or drive down a street with buildings no taller than 2 stories, or even in the flat countryside. Sometimes it makes me crazy, so I have to turn off the radio or listen to another input.

When I was having the tire pressure issue, I was given a loaner 500 to drive. it also had satellite radio, but I only experienced a drop in audio and "searching for signal" only once or twice in the day I had it, not once or twice every 3 or 4 minutes on my 500L. I pointed this out to the studio, but again was told that "the 500L is designed different", so that comparing the two wasn't possible, or useful. They say they can't find a problem. Has anyone else had any trouble with their satellite radio frequently cutting out?


My studio, obviously, doesn't seem to want to help me much, doesn't believe that I'm capable of properly reporting problems nor attempting the basics to resolve them, nor believe my word for anything. I'd go to another studio, but it is at least 30 minutes away, and owned by the exact same dealership, so I'm not sure that my experience there would change. Does anyone have any suggestions?


07-13-2015, 08:44 AM
As to the camera - same here, worked fine until update, now stutters, studio said it was normal. I've gotten used to it, but not pleased.

07-13-2015, 10:39 AM
I seem to have a similar issue with my 500x and satellite radio. on all my other cars never had any satellite radio issues just the normal under bridge/tunnel disconnect. Though my cut outs are not every 3 to 4 minutes like yours, mine are more like 10-15min.

07-20-2015, 11:40 AM
Yeah, seems particularly bad. And I'm frustrated with answers of "it's normal", just because another car in their fleet does it too. That simply says to me "it's a widespread problem" and many people here seem to have it too.

I'm not sure how to escalate at this point, except to maybe try to contact Fiat Customer Care.