View Full Version : Where are the Horns in 2014 500L Trek Eng compartment?

06-19-2015, 12:12 PM

before I get down and dirty can anyone advise where the Horns are located inside the engine compartment of a 14 - 500L trekker? I looked in the front crannies and they must be stuffed up inside of the covered fog lamp access or outside the radiator compartment?

Can anyone offer advise how to access the area or any advise on changing out the 12v horns as I have a super duper pooper scooper set of loud horns to install?

Thank you.

Jeallow Fellow

07-12-2015, 06:19 PM
"they must be stuffed up inside of the covered fog lamp access"
YES. But only one in non-Trekking european 500L.


When you stay front to the car, second is located on the left side from radiator, under turbo air inlet. I don't have photo at this time.
These horns are made from FIAMM - very good manufacturer. I think you can move to another place, higher, then they will be louder. Plug-in is very unusual.


This is connector for second horn. On the left side is the air inlet to the filter, on right top silver ring is a air-con pipe.

Or replace it with Stebel Magnum, Hella Sharp Tone, Hella Supertone - but Supertones are really big.