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01-26-2015, 01:38 AM
Adding Turbo rear bumper to my Pop. Does anyone know if the Turbo diffuser exhaust opening lines up with where the stock Pop tail pipe would fit? Have the Megaflow cat back system and was thinking of just changing its dual tips for a Abarth single tip.

Another thought was to go with the Abarth dual outlet diffuser and run one of the Neu-f Abarth muffled exhausts but not sure if this exhaust would have enough back pressure and such to run correctly with the NA motor. Don't want to run standard Abarth Y pike style exhaust - too loud.

Appreciate any and all thoughts.

Thanks, Bill

01-26-2015, 08:59 AM
I've owned a Sport, a Turbo, and currently an Abarth. I modded the Turbo to a dual tipped axle back and diffuser, first running with an mpX axle back and then an Abarth GQ muffler. The mpX ultimately went to a Pop/Sport owner, and after all that switching of exhausts, I can say none of the them work with a rear diffuser meant for another exhaust, at least not without first modifying the diffuser and/or the exhaust.

The Pop/Sport owner had to obviously add the right-side opening to his stock diffuser He also had to cut the stock opening taller AND cut off the mpX tips and re-weld them back on at a slant to better fit his cutouts.

The Abarth exhaust also exits slightly higher than the Turbo exhaust, so again, you'd have to modify a Turbo diffuser if using it with an Abarth system..

And you may already know, but any axle back exhaust designed for the turbocharged cars will need to be modified where it connects with the NA car's midpipe because the turbo'd car's run a slightly larger diameter pipe.

Happy modding!

01-26-2015, 01:58 PM
It will also look out of place, alot, if all you do is a rear bumper on a pop. The rear bumper is designed to work with the side skirts so it is lower to the ground by nature where the non-turbo/abarth cars bumper sits higher from the ground. 500madness has a couple replacement diffusers to add a dual exhaust designed for the pop or if you get your own made at an exhaust shop.

01-26-2015, 03:10 PM
If it's want you want, I say do it. There was another guy on here that had a rame pop and people were giving him crap after an accident when they put an Abarth front end on it (but left the rear a Pop). He liked it. I liked it. So all that matters is you like it.