View Full Version : 2015 500X first drive (UK)

11-14-2014, 10:30 PM
"It's decent enough to drive, too. Oh sure, the steering's about as communicative as a root vegetable, but even in two-wheel-drive form, the 500X grips remarkably well; when it does reach its limit, it pushes its nose wide gently and without drama. In other words, if you can get past the lack of feel, there's sport to be had in flinging the 500X around on its doorhandles, in much the way same way a classic 500 should traditionally be driven.
You also get a rotary switch with which you can select a 'Sport' mode which, in addition to sharpening up the steering and throttle response, gives you a turbo boost gauge in the instrument cluster. That, for no objective reason, is absolutely splendid."

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