View Full Version : 2014 500 Pop Low Gas Mileage?

08-14-2014, 09:15 AM
Due to an injury to my left leg, I had to trade in my 5-speed pop for an automatic. I expected a lower MPG w/ automatic, but the difference seems much more dramatic. In the 5-speed, I was getting 30 mpg/city, but in the automatic around 21-22/mpg. I'm driving the same, on the same roads. The dealer tells me I shouldn't look at average, but the instant. While I understand the concept of the instant, I get hung up when I go to fill up and do the math long hand and realize the average is less than advertised and much less than the 5-speed. I didn't expect this big of a difference. Is this normal?

08-14-2014, 10:36 AM
I don't have an automatic so I don't know about normal for them. Looking at instant is good for learning how to drive in a way to coax the most mpg from your Pop. But you should continue to calculate the average to see how you're driving style and the car are doing overall. Keep calculating your averages.

Hopefully some owners will chime in about their Pop Automatic MPG real world results. There may be a thread about it here somewhere already.

08-14-2014, 03:41 PM
Welcome to the forum! Have you tried using the ecoDrive app? That may give you hints on where you can improve your fuel economy. Many people see an improvement in gas mileage once the car racks some miles on it - 3,000 miles is commonly mentioned. Where you drive and driving habits play the main role in achieving good fuel economy. Avoiding idling, stop lights and traffic if possible may help. Smooth driving without sudden accelerations, using the cruise control and obeying the speed limit can also make a difference. Getting the car to upshift early into higher gears normally helps, too. Maybe try shifting the car manually and use the instant MPG monitor to keep track. Check it out and let us know.

08-14-2014, 08:51 PM
I'd give your new Pop some time- I think you might find some significant increases in mpg once it is broken in. That was the case with my Sport; I had a couple of tankfuls in the beginning with sub 30 mpg (hand calculated) numbers, worse than the quoted 31 city mpg despite very little city driving. Cold temps didn't help either- this past winter was a brutal one. Now with over 9000 miles on the odometer I average 37-39 mpg and that's with the Sport button on and A/C running almost all the time.

Last but certainly not least, a BIG congrats on your new Pop :clap::clap::clap::clap: