View Full Version : Question for RRM / Corsa intake

08-12-2014, 09:55 PM
I have your Corsa intake coming this week (stoked).
My question is...... why no intake piping from the OEM cold air feed hole like the Abarth set up?
Could this be an option at any point?
I would LOVE an intake vent in the hood, but here in SC the rain, oh the rain.

09-12-2014, 10:34 PM
I also considered a hood scoop/vent. I think I have settle on the rrm scoop. The intake I will settle on will probably have the filter in the back left of the engine compartment and that is where I will place the scoop. Granted, I am in AZ and I do not drive the car during monsoon season so I do not worry about water getting inside the engine compartment. What I do worry about is heat. All(most) the intakes are affected by heat soak one way or another. Example- madness intake going over turbo. And you can mitigate that like one person did by wrapping the intake with titanium tape to deal with heat soak issues.
It seems to me a short intake with a good filter and plenty of outside air supplied to it via hood vent would solve the problem of heat soak. If you are worried about water in the engine compartment, close it off when the weather is bad. On the underside of the hood, there must be a way to slide a piece of plastic or metal over the scoop/vent area, right? I have no idea, just trying to think this through with the help of others that do know what they are talking about. I would be curious as to what you came up with?