View Full Version : NOR-CAL - NCRC Track day at Thunder Hill anyone? Sat, Oct 25, 2014

07-31-2014, 03:13 AM
Just curious if anyone are interested in open track days. I haven't see much Abarths (500s) out on the track for the last couple times when I was out there.

I thought I'll rally up some members to go. For those who are new to track days, and would like to get into it, they do have Driving school for this event.

I usually go to Laguna Seca. I would love to try out Sonoma race way (sears point, infenon - whatever you like to call it). Anyone knows a good car club that hold open track day events there? I would live to try it out. NCRC never book at Sonoma.


I'll be there Sat: Oct 25. Hope to meet some of you Fiat enthusiast out there.

07-31-2014, 11:33 AM
Very cool. I'll try to come out! It'd be fun to see a bunch of Fiats darting around the track.

Sonoma is great for the convenience factor and closeness to good food and wine. I've seen Hooked on Driving, Trackmasters & NASA at Sonoma.

As a track itself, it's really fun but have to be a little more careful because of all of the walls.

08-02-2014, 01:08 AM
I'm trying hooked on driving the end of September. Side note you guys should join the NorCal fiat Facebook group. I think we are gonna have a meet next weekend in San Bruno FYI.

08-10-2014, 07:46 PM
I'm going to Laguna Seca with NCRC on labor day monday!:thumbsup:

Citytech is hosting a Sonoma date on 9/6 and 9/7 - see link below:


BTW: HOD has alot of fast cars....but fast drivers? not so much....

08-10-2014, 08:30 PM
Well I'm already paid for hod. Not trying to get crazy for my first track day. Thanks for info on speedsf, I've never heard of them. Are you going to speedsf event?

08-11-2014, 02:07 PM
Citytech is a bodyshop that host private track days, plenty of seat time, very relaxed group.

I've looked into tow hook/straps options, but doesn't seem to find any that bolts on with an easy install......:nightmare:

08-13-2014, 04:44 PM
ScorpionQueen -
Have you tried speedSF/Citytech? Are their run group/session packed with a lot of cars? I've tried NASA, and their HPDE groups are usually packed with a lot of cars. Cant even get a one single clear lap with out catching up to traffic. Several time times I've been with them are like that, I've given up NASA.

How are SpeedSF/Citytech compared to NCRC? If they're laxed like NCRC, I'll give them a shot.

By the time I tried to register for the NCRC labor day event, it was already full. I'm planing on going for the one in December. Have fun at seca. and if you come across any tow-hook/strap, let me know. I've been searching for a good way to mount with out disassembling or move much of the stock bumper.

09-09-2014, 11:16 PM
Can stock Abarths race too? I'm seeing the requirements list that I need a front tow hook/strap and a 3pt/4pt harness?

09-10-2014, 12:40 PM
You don't need a tow hook and harness if you are doing the driving schools.

But as you start to push the car more, it's a good idea to get both of those installed. If you get in the dirt and need to be towed out, the tow truck needs something to hook onto. Without the tow hook, they'll pick something random. And harness for obvious reasons.

10-23-2014, 03:11 PM
too late to sign up now (event is all full) but you're welcome to come watch.
I'll be in the little white Abarth w/ #314 the side of the car.

I see whoever out there.

I'll also be at Laguna Seca, Sunday Dec 28. - (maybe ill start a thread on that, spaces are filling up fast for that event).