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07-30-2014, 09:15 PM
IIHS small overlap tests leave room for improvement for the 500L. It's that one test that wipes out so many cars in testing, even if they are excellent otherwise. Check it out here:

Remember when looking at the results, these are ONLY the small overlap test.

Clicking over to the rest of the tests for the 500L, shows how well it does, and is a Top Safety Pick from 2013:

Reminder, there are TWO kinds of Top Safety Picks:
"Top Safety Pick" does not include the small overlap test
"Top Safety Pick+" (note the plus sign) DOES include the small overlap test.

The 500L results have been posted before, but some of the cars mentioned in the article have JUST been tested. And the newer models are doing much better in the new test.

I'd guess Fiat is busy working to improve the small overlap test results.