View Full Version : Headlight fogging and embedded iron

07-06-2014, 06:33 PM
Quick product review after spending a few hours detailing Dante today...

First - after owning my FIAT 500 going on 3 years now one of the things I noticed was the embedded iron particles in the paint. This is likely rail dust from shipment and has been discussed a bit here and on the other forum. I would just wash and clay bar and it would disappear and then come back. Happy to report that I tried TRIX Iron and Tar remover (http://www.autogeek.net/carpro-trix-tar-iron-remover.html)

Sprayed the product on and it immediately started to attack the iron specks and turned them bright purple as they ran off. Word to the wise, this product smells awful. Like not even your normal chemical smell but like gag-inducing. Blech. But... it worked. I had to do two applications but it seemed to work really well. The next couple of weeks will tell the full story and I will update you all then.

Second, my headlights and DRL's are starting to fog over and I had a bottle of Meguir's PlastX Clear Plastic restorer that I had used to great effect on a very weathered and cheap soft top on my Jeep TJ. This stuff really works. My headlights and DRL's are almost as clear today as when I got the car. (http://www.meguiars.com/en/automotive/products/g12310-plastx-clear-plastic-cleaner-polish/)

Finally, I used Meguir's Back to Black on the hood cowl which had started to weather to a gray color. This stuff works pretty well but it is definitely temporary, maybe a couple weeks. If the oxidization gets too bad I will take it off and take a heat gun to it which I know works well on Jeep exterior plastics.

Hard to believe we're starting to see our little cars starting to actually age....