View Full Version : Texas Cabrio owners experience?

06-23-2014, 02:53 PM
I currently have a hatchback Fiat, but I am considering trading mine in for a cabrio when the 2015 model year gets released.

What is everyone's experience with a Cabrio in the Texas heat and summers and even the winters?

06-24-2014, 09:19 AM
I saw your post on the main Abarth forum, but others took off with answers before I got around to it, so will try to answer some things now. Please note, I have only had the cabrio since March.

The top is very well insulated (sound and weather) and the only time I notice a large amount of noise is in heavy rain. Having owned a convertible BMW Z4 (3.0) in the past, I regularly make comparisons. Unfair? Not really -

Insulation and sound - The top quality is very similar maybe even better than the BMW, so am happy with the Abarth. The only thing that drives me nuts is how the top up/down buttons work. Top down is two touch all the way down and then windows separately. Top up is in three stages and the windows aren't one touch. Having had one touch up and down in the past where the windows are automatically in sinc with the top going up and down, this drives me nuts. I have to hit the top up button three different times and then close the windows separately (It wouldn't be so bad if it went down in the three stages and up in just one). As you are looking at a 2015, who knows how this functionality will work on that model year.

Trunk/Boot - You are going to lose space and it all depends on your needs. We are a family of four (including a 5 & 15 year old) and they all always insist on taking the Abarth. We have made many monthly grocery runs in it and have been surprised by the amount that will fit in the back. Costco bulk items, you would probably need to fold the seats down. Luggage wise, it would hold at least two carry on roller bags and a backpack or two. The opening doesn't look that big, but again, we are always surprised. We do have the Beats and I would say you lose minimal space.

Radio - I know you might hear otherwise in the forum, but I am very impressed with and surprised by the Beats. I had an Infiniti with an upgraded Bose and this radio blows it away. Music is meant to be enjoyed with the top down and for many convertibles it is an afterthought. The BMW had a Harman Kardon and it is the best car stereo I have ever heard. In my opinion, this Beats stereo is the closest I have ever heard to the HK and with the top down it remains super clear and easy to hear.

Soapbox - if you get a cabrio, use it! I hate seeing people drive around in great weather with the tops up. With the heated seats, I would put mine down on the coldest nights in March and enjoy the crisp air. Heat is the hardest part and you aren't likely to have the top down at noon when it's 100+, but as soon as evening sets in or the sun is behind the clouds, drop the top. Even with the high temp, it's just the direct sun that will make you miserable (get a cap). With the top down, use the heat/ac and windows as your friends to get comfortable. Get a hat/scarf/hoodie and you can make your top down season pretty much year round.

Lengthy I know but just wanted to answer as much as I could. Things like this take a lot of thought, so if you have any other questions, just drop me a note.

06-30-2014, 09:43 AM
My wife is on her second cabrio (in Dallas). Best advice I can give you is if your getting a cabrio don't get leather. THe red leather in her 2012 was starting to fade pretty bad. Here new abarth cabrio has cloth which she would have normally never got if it wasn't for her prior seats fading. And, I can't remember the trick off the top of my head but there is a trick you will get used to where the back hatch on a cabrio won't open unless you do some funky thing with the top going up and down and up again. When it happens google it and you will find the steps. Takes less than 1 min to do it. Otherwise the top is solid noise wise and wear wise.