View Full Version : Having some trouble getting my sub/amp to work in '13 Abarth with factory radio

05-27-2014, 12:45 AM
So I am pretty sure I made all the correct splices from the factory wires because the normal speakers all work fine. The amp turns on and gets power, so the remote wire and power wire from the LOC is fine. The ground for the amp is just under the little flap in the rear hatch area, and I also put the ground for the LOC in the exact same spot. The RCA cables are correctly connected from the LOC to the amp, and I am pretty sure the speaker wire from the amp to the sub is connected correctly. I have it bridged with the positive wire on the Left speaker positive and the negative on the right speaker negative. My problem is that my sub is not working. I replaced the fuses in the amp but still no luck. Does this mean the sub is bad? Or perhaps the speaker wire from the sub to the terminals on the box have some how come loose? Anyone have any idea? I am at a loss here. :banghead: :confused

Edit: the hardware I have is an Infinity Reference 1300a amp, a matching Infinity Reference 12" sub (can't find the model name as both the amp and sub have been discontinued), and Scosche LOC2S line out converter.