View Full Version : FYI - Driver door handle sticking? Here is the answer

05-04-2014, 10:30 AM
Hello everyone,

As you know, our 500L was essentially disassembled, painted, then reassembled to completely change the look of the car. One of the painted components are the door handles. Ever since we owned the L, our driver side door handle has never felt smooth when opening. The other door handles opened with no issue. A few months ago, the door handle on the driver side front detached from the latch. You could no longer open the door from the outside. We replaced the door handle (on our own dime) and everything worked fine for a few months. Well last week the new door handle detached again! It turns out the issue is the latch itself. The latch was sticking, causing excessive wear on the door handle. The studio is replacing both the interior latch and the door handle under warranty. If anyone else feels any of their door handles "sticking", make sure they replace the latch and the door handle.