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03-18-2014, 11:18 PM
Hey what's up everybody!

I'm looking to be a future Abarth owner, but I have a few concerns about how this little car is gonna handle Oklahoma. Since this is the "South Central" section, I'd like to ask how your Abarth handles our type of weather. I live in OKC and, as you all know, it can get pretty hot and humid in the summer, right?? So how do these little cars handle the heat? Does the A/C crap out at all when in traffic or any other stifling situations? Does it create any performance issues? Does it take much to cool off? And, on the flip-side, how do they handle the cold (snow and ice) and sub-zero temps we can sometimes get? (like a couple of months ago!). Does the turbo take a while to warm up when it's really cold or when the car has been sitting outside in the cold?

I also notice that some of the new Abarths come with the P-Zero tires so how do they handle the rain that this Spring is gonna give us? Do you recommend a good all-weather tire as a replacement? I know, I know, lots of questions....

Thanks in advance!

03-18-2014, 11:23 PM
Well next time I am around Lawton we may have to grab lunch, I have found myself there a few times in the last year. Mine drives in snow/ice just fine with the 16" all seasons. Obviously, it only does so well but I did not end up in a ditch or get stuck for more than 2 minutes ;)

idk about summer yet, but I have only had it since October.

Oh yeah, I will be picking up a set of Yokohama S-Drives before too long; look promising

03-19-2014, 12:09 AM
Welcome to the forum Fiarri, don't listen to anything this ^^^ guy says. :D

03-19-2014, 12:20 AM
And don't listen to anything this ^^^ guy says.

In general, if you have a four cylinder engine, get your windows tinted. It helps in the summer, especially when idling. (It seems like 6 and 8 cyl. engines have more reserve power at idle.) But like shadowshaggy, I haven't had my 500 Sport in the summer months yet.

Welcome to the forum!

03-19-2014, 12:57 AM
Welcome to the forum!
I have the optional 17's on my Abarth. The P-zeros were fine in dry weather, great grip for daily spirited driving but, scary after about 5000 miles of wear in the rain. They wear out pretty fast and tend to "Tramline" on grooved pavement. Mine got tossed in favor of BF goodrich KDW's after 12,000 miles. The KDW's are outstanding in Texas "monsoon season" and amazing grip in the dry. Even drove through ice and snow last December at reasonable speeds and was impressed but would not recommend it lol!
I changed the KDW's for Falken FK512's recently. (Got a deal I could't pass up) They are much more quiet than the KDW's but nowhere near as much grip! Handle pretty well in the rain but, I am less confident in the Falkens on wet roads than the KDW's. I'll be going back to KDW's next month when new wheels arrive.
I picked up a set of wheels with some Bridgestone Blizzaks on em and used them a few times the past few months to drive 120 miles a day to work and back in the snow and ice. I was surprised how well they handled the icy roads. I had already come to expect great performance in the snow as I've used Blizzaks on previous vehicles with stellar results! Being able to drive home at 10 o'clock at night on icy country back roads at was unexpected!

The a/c works just fine but tinting the windows does make it work even better! I've had no issues at all, even with an under drive pulley installed.

Being a 4 cylinder, The engine warms up pretty fast. I usually start her up, give her 5 minutes to warm up and head on down the road. It's takes about a mile for the temp gauge to reach "normal operating temp". By then I'm getting on the highway and it's time to open her up and listen to that sweet sounding Abarth exhaust note! I don't think I even turned the radio on for the first 1000 miles!!

Also, The Abarth has an "after run pump". It's runs for a few minutes after you shut off the car to help cool the turbo and prevent coking in the bearings. It's just a small electric pump that continues to circulate coolant.

I have nearly 48,000 miles on my Abarth now. Aside from a faulty connector on the alternator that was replaced under warranty last year, All trouble free and loads of fun!!!!

03-20-2014, 09:04 AM
Hey, cool....thanks for the info! I've been reading all kinds of reviews on this car. Customer reviews, magazine reviews...and the consensus I've found is that these cars (although small) are reliable and a blast to drive. I'm replacing a 2005 Ford Focus Sedan (ZX4 SE) so I know I'm loosing some space, but my Focus has 101,000 miles and it's starting to fade on me. I wanna get rid of it while it's still worth something! But living in OKC and the weather and roads being what they are, I just wanted to get some real world comments from owners and not salesman who are just trying to get their monthly bonus! (no offense if you're a car salesman)