View Full Version : DRL LED saga

02-09-2014, 09:25 PM
So, I used to have LED DRL bulbs some time ago. I used generic 25w load resistor from AZ to make them run without CAN bus warning message.
Long story short 1 LED bilb contact pin broke off after some time, and I went with PIAA bulbs. Resistors were heating up like crazy, they melted wire insulation under DRL seal caps.
When I went back to halogen bulbs I cut of resistors and insulated melted wires. Everything worked fine until couple days before. I noticed that 1 drl light does not work in dim mode( when main headlights are on). Next day I noticed condensation inside that light, so I checked it out yesterday, and saw that resistor had melted little hole in cover cap, which I did not notice before.
Well, I taped that small hole for right now, tried 2 other bulbs- no go. Bulb works with headlights off, and does not with them on. Other side is fine.
I tried to replace melted sections of wires--same thing, actually light did turn off completely after several road bumps (bad connection, I did not solder yet).
I just checked fuses ( did not take them out, just glanced) seemed ok to me, and I don't see separate drl fuse per manual.
So far I disabled drl, and will take bulbs out, so I wont have 3 lights on when headlights are on.
Conclusions, if you going to use LED bulbs make sure you run resistor that is enclosed and does not heat up like crazy, or drill a hole in cap, run wires thru and glue the hole, so water does not get in and mount resistor somewhere outside light housing.
I ordered some generic DRL kit that runs straight from battery, with fuse and will sense when to turn on and off DRL. In that case I can run any bulbs.
Other option is expensive, to order EU lights, which are actually High beams instead DRL there. Problem is they don't have turn signals bulbs, so I will have to add separate turn signals.
Those EU lights can be wired to use as additional High Beam, driving lights, DRL or run as additional LED/halogen lights with Fogs, depends how you aim them.
Not sure how to wire them as additional High Beam or Fogs to use with Halogen H1 bulbs with stock switches and not melt stock wires/fuses.