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01-30-2014, 02:51 PM
Hello everyone,

I just happened to be in California this week, unexpectedly, and took a side trip to visit Road Race Motorsports. It's been over a year now that I have been a supporter of their performance products for our 500c and our A500. RRMS is truly a grass roots company who creates, fabricates and test the products they offer - really cool to see some of the early iterations of the items they now sell. They are committed to efficient performance and enhancing our driving experience via their innovations.

I want to share how awesome the entire crew was in sharing the shop, cars, new products and future items (can't share some of these) - special thanks to Brandon and Roman. This crew has a great synergy and they live and breath Fiat performance. They are committed to getting the most out of the engine and chassis that Fiat has provided, by enhancement, with Rob being the ring leader.

Rob shared with me that all of the knowledge they have gained through enhancing the performance of other Marques such as Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Hyundai and Jeep has provided the experience to know what to plan for the Fiats. This provides them a platform from which to begin without reinventing the wheel. In addition, being a company that is never satisfied with their achievements they continue to improve the products they sell or provide new designs which is refreshing - continuous innovation. Rob said he truly focuses on balance, between HP, suspension tuning - including breaking, drivability and efficiency. Nothing is better than a well balanced performance car that provides confidence and safety for the driver. Which I am sure we can all appreciate.

The CARS!!!! The two Abarths (Bianco & Nero) are truly amazing in person and the pictures do not do them justice, the cars are just sinister - purpose built speed machines that are street legal (maybe) and fun to look at. So much innovation to see and the fit and function is spot on. I did not have too much time or Rob would have let me go out for a spin - next time for sure.

One of latest offerings from RRMS is the light weight pulley system, these pulleys are beautiful. The quality and precision is truly perfection. I could not stop looking at them. RRMS is taking orders now and if they had any in stock I would have brought a set home with me. It may seem RRMS is late to game with this; however, they have been in this light weight pulley business for nearly ten years and they knew if they were to provide a unit for the Fiats it had to be efficient and not just light weight. If anyone buys this upgrade I am sure you will not be disappointed and potentially you will delay the install because they are just awesome to look at. This will be my next mod for sure.

I don't want to ramble on too much; however, I just want to share the great experience I had at RRMS. They are the real deal and Rob is as much a speed freak as you will ever encounter. I do want to thank Rob and the RRMS team for their time, especially Rob who shared lots of great stuff about the development of the shop Abarth's and his experience in driving these great little cars fast, all invaluable information and greatly appreciated.

Thank you everyone for your time,