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Sean Yoder
12-24-2013, 02:39 AM
We just picked up our 2013 ABARTH two weeks ago and had the car on a lift last week for some mod evaluations. (Custom Downpipes, INtercooler Options, Exhaust and a few other goodies). While we were under there, we stumbled across an interesting issue. The upper starter bolt just isn't there. I've seen the recall on from 2011 build dates regarding improper bolts, but ours only has one bolt from the factory. A. This can't be the norm? Can it? B. another bolt is in there now and if it's not the norm, you might want to check yours out.

Just a heads up.


01-10-2014, 09:02 PM
Believe it or not that is how they all come. Ive only messed with a few starters and they are all the same. i was shocked as well. nothing out of the norm :)

01-10-2014, 09:58 PM
There is suppose to be a bolt going the other way. On a production car, it may be covered by a plug on back side of the transmission bell housing. You remove that to gain access to another starter bolt.


https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-sqtju89PZaU/UtClDdkwh4I/AAAAAAAATUs/MrTEweZPQ2M/s800/Fiat%2520500%2520Abarth%2520top%2520starter%2520bo lt.jpg