View Full Version : Uh oh, stalling on models at Fiat/Alfa (500x)

11-10-2013, 02:06 PM
Alfa Romeo overhaul stalls due to Fiat-Chrysler buyout
Delay in Chrysler buyout halts Fiat’s investment in its premium car division

"Autocar understands that the only new Alfa currently progressing is the Mazda MX-5-based roadster. The Alfa SUV is now unlikely to appear before 2015, a delay which also holds up a planned sister SUV from Jeep. There’s no news either on the planned Fiat 500X and its related ‘baby Jeep’ model.

Analysts say Marchionne cannot fully execute his plans to create a premium car-making division from Jeep, Alfa and Maserati without access to Chrysler’s cash reserves, but Marchionne has failed to hammer out a deal with Chrysler’s co-owners."