View Full Version : eco drive problems, again. (Anyone else have a mac? maybe an OSX update issue?)

11-07-2013, 10:47 AM
I believe that the last time I posted on this forum, I was having issues with eco drive. At the time, I was able to get it all worked out with help from some Fiat folks. I ended up having to take an .inf file off the stick. After that, ecodrive was working just fine. The last time I uploaded data on my computer was in May of this year. Fast forward to several weeks ago: I'm feeling pretty green these days, as I seem to maintain an average of 41.4 mpg on my car. Wanted to see how this compared with the eco drive... howevah...:

- when I first put the stick in, eco drive wanted to update. Did the update
- the data takes incredibly long to go from 10% upload to 14% upload (20 minutes+), and after a while, my computer just freezes, or the mouse starts acting up, or the processor in my computer heats up ridiculously fast/high.
- I seem to be in this weird update loop. Every time I put the stick in my computer, it wants to update from 1.0.0 to 1.0.8. I "update" but nothing gets updated. When I check the version of eco drive, it's still 1.0.0.
- I've called Fiat. Folks there suggested there was maybe too much data on the stick and that I should delete music files to make more room for the program to run. Did this, but there was no change in the wonky behavior. The stick holds over 16.GB of data, and even with the music on it, there's still about 12GB free. The ecodrive data only takes about 18MB. With or without music, the data upload takes forever. (Since starting this message, the upload went from 10% to 16% complete. I know that there's a lot of data, but still: when I was able to upload successfully in the past, the data uploaded super quickly.)
- Reading through the eco:drive website, I'm thinking maybe the issue is that I have the latest Mac OSX on my computer (10.8.5) but the installation reqs for ecodrive only go up to to 10.5.2?
- Minor detail: on my ecodrive profile, I noticed that my car is set as "pop," even though it's a "sport." Anyone else have this issue? I don't remember this being the case, but I have a terrible memory, so maybe this was the case from the beginning. Also, can't modify this profile, ie: there's no way to edit/select sport model.
- There's a UD4_N_4_EcoDrive.....CAB file on my stick. I just now noticed that the modified date on that is Nov5, 2013. (Indeed, a couple of days ago, I was trying to get a handle on this.) Am I supposed to do something with this file, like, double-click it?
- In the Data folder on my stick, besides all the driving data, there is one file that looks different (name/date): eddrm.005.001.GIIU8R431.bin and its date is Jan 1, 2006. Is this file supposed to be there?

Sorry this is so lengthy. If you're on a mac or have ideas what I'm supposed to do, that would be swell. Thanks!

01-05-2014, 01:57 PM
I think that is pretty good mileage.