View Full Version : Found a plastic part on floor, expandable foam under dash. Whatzit?

10-31-2013, 09:11 PM
I found these two pieces in my Abarth. The plastic piece was laying on the floor under the drivers seat, resting on the track at the front left bolt area.

The expandable foam was seen poking out from behind the right edge of the grigio dash panel, in the gap at the side panel/door jamb. I flicked the foam with my nail and it fell to the floor. It was sitting in there loosely-I didn't break it off.

Does anyone have any idea what the plastic part might be? The car only has around 500 miles and I've not vacuumed it yet so it most likely was there from delivery. It's not been anywhere else where it could have been introduced into the car, so I'm of the mind that it was there from dealership or the plant. I doubt that I brought it into the car with my shoes as it was clean and unscratched.

The foam....do you think it is part of normal assembly, or a quick fix to repair an unintended gap somewhere?

I thought maybe someone who has either removed seats, or had the carpet or dash out of the car-someone like the vendors who custom build on these cars, may have an idea for me. Thanks all.



Blade Runner
10-31-2013, 09:41 PM
The plastic part and the FOAM are "gifts" from the is from the factory workers....