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10-20-2013, 02:36 AM
This is so frustrating. I've decided to get the Abarth I test drove two months ago. It's still on the lot! I tried three weeks ago to give them a deposit and the sales manager said I had to wait until November 1 since I won't be back in the States to take delivery until November 25th. I wrote the salesman again yesterday saying hey, you guys aren't gonna change the price in the next 12 days, let me give you my deposit! He asked and the sales manager still says no! I don't get it...it's a guaranteed sale! Even if I back out the dealership makes $500, I even told them I'd give them $1000 deposit...shut up and take my money!! I'm just worried that, knowing my luck, they will sell My car to someone else on October 31. Grrr!!!



10-20-2013, 10:51 AM
Honestly, use the Fiat website to look for the same vehicle configuration at nearby dealers. Call the internet sales department of those dealers, explain your schedule and get a price. Call the dealer back and tell him the new price and schedule, take it or leave it. Then buy from the best priced dealer that's within a reasonable distance. I bought froma dealer 175 miles away and paid $200 to have them trailer it to me...I still saved over $1800.