View Full Version : FIAT Club America SOCAL Chapter Upcoming Events, Little Italy FESTA Oct 13th

Blade Runner
10-03-2013, 09:17 PM
Hello Motorsport Show Participants,

This is a reminder to join us for the 19th Annual Little Italy FESTA! We would love to see you! Welcome back if you are a returning participant and welcome if this is your first year at Festa 2013! Last year this Festival brought 100,000 + attendees to Little Italy for the enjoyment of everything Italian, including food, music and art. If you have a car, motorcycle or scooter designed by an Italian Manufacturer to put on display, please submit an application with the details of your automobile.

Our goal is to make this year’s Motorsports component the best ever, with a variety of cars of all kinds. We know that you make a significant time commitment to be with us…and we will provide lunch to all the car owners, plus our outstanding team will watch over the cars so you don’t have to stand by the vehicles all weekend. The event takes place Sunday, October 13 from 10:00am-6:00pm.

Please email me Dierctly @ seanrussell01@gmail.com for an application. If you should have any questions regarding the application or guidelines, please call me directly (858) 401-3510 Also, pass this on to fellow Italian motorsport enthusiasts! If you have already mailed in your application, you will soon receive an acceptance letter confirming your participation.

Please join us for this uniquely Italian festival!