View Full Version : Magnaflow cat-back vs Mopar axle-back

09-30-2013, 02:56 PM
I have done a lot of searches and have found some good info, but in order to clear my mind I wanted to post a new thread and get some responses.

I am at the point where all I need to do to finish my performance mods is come up with an exhaust. I have heard clips of the full Magnaflow cat-back and the Mopar axle-back. They both sound fine to me. I don't want to go any louder though. How do you think that they will perform when compared to each other? Will there be any loss in low end power? Is the potential for low end loss greater with the Magnaflow since the pipe diameter will be larger than stock for the entire length? Is back-pressure an issue with this engine?

Any help is greatly appreciated.