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09-25-2013, 08:07 AM
We waited anxiously for Fiat to enter the country since my husband is from Italy and wanted one. We purchased the 2012 Fiat 500cc Autosport. We were very happy with it but immediately it started not engaging the motor on the first try. I thought it was me until my husband drove it and it did it almost everyday. We reported it and when the vehicle was taken in for service we were told there was nothing wrong. After the vehicle did it more than one or two times a day the dealer kept the vehicle for almost a month and told me that they acknowledged there was a problem and that Fiat is working on it and has to get it approved by the Federal government. Yesterday there was a strong odor of something burning under the hood, we called the district manager of Fiat and he arranged to have the car towed in to the dealer. We were told they could not find what the odor was but thought something had crawled in the engine. The vehicle is in a closed garage all the time and it was not an odor of that type. We were told they were detailing the vehicle and we could pick it up and they still did not have a fix on the starting problem that is getting worse. I told them I am 80 years old and do not want to get caught in a vehicle if it catches on fire. It is hard to believe as big as Chrysler is that there is not anyone there that is smart enough to fix this problem. I have been assured by the district manager that if my warranty runs out before the fix is complete it will be repaired free of cost.

Robert Nixon
09-25-2013, 09:40 AM
If the dealer states that there IS a problem BUT that they can't fix it....you could demand that they just give you a new car. Waiting for the warranty to run out? That could take years, and doesn't do you any good IF they car still has issues that they have NOT fixed. Maybe you could go talk to them again, and take along your grumpiest friend that loves to haggle and argue.

I think if a dealer told me they acknowledged an issue with my car but that they couldn't fix it, and it was still under warranty, well, I think my head would explode!

09-25-2013, 09:48 AM
Where are you? The "after the vehicle did it more than one or two times a day the dealer kept the vehicle for almost a month and told me that they acknowledged there was a problem and that Fiat is working on it and has to get it approved by the Federal government" part of your message was of concern. That sounds like the dealer is giving you a b/s. There is no such thing as a car that can't be fixed.
I would take it to another dealer.

09-25-2013, 02:31 PM
Did they tell you what the problem was that has to get it approved by the Federal government? I have never heard of that.
I have had this problem , as others, someone posted this in my thread

Originally Posted by brirosmith1219http://www.fiat500usaforum.com/images/buttons/viewpost-right.png (http://www.fiat500usaforum.com/showthread.php?p=627896#post627896)I took my wife's 500 to the dealer today for an oil change and mentioned the starting issue where on the first try the engine turns over and won't start but on the second try it starts immediately. The tech told me that this is a real issue with the hydraulic lifters draining of oil when not running and then needing to fill up before a successful start. In essence he said that the engine is turning over but there is no compression because the valves are open. He also said Fiat is working on a programming fix to cure this but that there is no official service bulletin out yet.

It is concerning as somtimes I think to myself " Hey I just spent $17K on a car I kinda expect it to start each time I turn the key"
is that expecting to much? maybe :/

I havent brought mine to the service station yet, im waiting until I go in for my oil change in November.

I find it very odd as everyone who has posted about this issue has got a different answer from their service station. How do we know which is correct? I wonder if anyone has had this issue brought it to be fixed and it is...fixed.

09-25-2013, 06:56 PM
Uh...what the hey is a 500cc autosport?

09-25-2013, 07:23 PM
FWIW, being an old guy having grown up with 70's Fiats and weber carbs, I STILL TO THIS DAY make the mistake of putting my foot on the gas just before starting (you used to have to prime the carbs a little with the throttle back in the day). Inevitably, my Abarth won't start when I do that. I finally figured out that it was me, not the car, that was doing it wrong. I've almost got it down now, but man do old habits die hard! I think it must be a 'safety' feature. Even the slightest pressure on the gas pedal when you are turning it over will cause it to not start. It always starts again the second time, fwiw. Hopefully, you and your husband are doing the same thing and it's an easy 'fix'. (Though, it's taken me a month now of remembering not to do it, lol!)