View Full Version : Getting started TIP -- navigating settings with the three buttons

09-23-2013, 09:30 PM
There are three buttons to the lower right side of the center round instrument cluster (the EVIC). The labeling of these buttons is (to me) unclear. The best photo of this is in the 2013 Quick Tips brochure -- see unlabeled page 4. You also can see the top two buttons on page 36-37 of the 2013 User Guide. The upper button is the "up" button in navigating the menus. The middle button is the "DOWN" button -- even though the down arrow is closer to the bottom button. Plus, wouldn't you expect the bottom button to be the "DOWN" choice? Well, I did and I was wrong. So, to summarize:
TOP button is UP
MIDDLE button is DOWN

My salesperson said my assumption was a common error -- perhaps she was just being nice.