View Full Version : Bluetooth address book & iPhone

09-21-2013, 08:47 PM
Hi all,

My wife & I just purchased a 500L Trekking (White with black & brownish interior ) and she's in absolute love with it. She's had it for all of 3 days and wanted to "break it in" today by taking it to Costco since we could never take her VW Beetle there and leave with much more than a case of water and some paper towels ;).

Now, we've got most of the car figured out, but we're having a slight oddity with the Bluetooth address book and her iPhone 5.

Most the contacts show up just fine, but some only show 1 of their phone numbers while others show multiples. This makes it difficult for her to add some people as favorites. Has anyone else had this issue or found a way to address it?

Thanks in advance.