View Full Version : Failure with PRND Error Message

09-14-2013, 01:44 PM
Has anybody encountered the problem with not being able to set your 500e into Park? The associated message is "Failure with PRND; use parking brake".

I've encountered this problem repeatedly. First time was the day I was taking my car back to the dealer for the recall (3 days after I received the car). The dealer did some work on it based on feedback from Chrysler but the issue came back on Thursday (6 days after I got the car from service). Based on what I can see, this is caused by an underlying software problem, possibly interacting with a Park Pawl motor that may be slightly off Chrysler's expectations.

There are full details on this issue at the 500e G+ Community, see https://plus.google.com/108293955941576775975/posts/7nxiVwhUfJr. If you encounter the problem, please post back so we have more data points.

BTW, I love driving the car. I hope this problem can be fixed, because I really want to keep using it.