View Full Version : Speedo cluster issues. Sort of figured out/resolved.

09-12-2013, 04:50 PM
Have had a couple minor, sort of minor issues with wifeys 500 speedo cluster. May help someone else out.

First at about 8,900 miles. The odoometer started flashing. No codes, so I scoured the internet. After lots of reading, I decided to re-sync my iphone. Viola!!! No more flashy odometer.

Second issue happens only when it's 85 plus degrees and humid. This issue I could not find any info on. The speedometer needle reads way off or stays on zero. It's never off the same amount. Not to freak anyone out, the digital speedometer seems to work fine, so we are not driving the car not knowing what speed we are doing. After reading issues of clocks being off and such on replacements, for now we are leaving as is. Everything else works and the clock is dead on. As long as temps are cooler, speedometer needle works perfect.