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09-10-2013, 09:43 PM
Craven SS + TWM Performance Shift Knob

I have a CSS installed long time ago and I always wants to replace the stock Abarth knob with weighted knob. But canít find any knobs in the market is what I am looking for, till TWM have this new Hybrid series, I have a eye on the Specter Hybrid knob which is perfect for any weather. I also know that TWM knobs will not fit on stock shifter or CSS. Unless changing the full TWM short shifter unit. Which I donít wants to!

Anyway, I contacted them to see they have anything that can make it fit onto a stock or CSS shift rod, The stock and the Craven rod basically is the same size but different length only.

They suggest me to try rethreaded the rod with a die nut. Which they done this with a Volvo, so it may work with as well. So, I give it a shot, and order the knobs and they ship me with the die nut. I try install it the same day I receive them, but find very hard to cut thread onto the rod (Craven rod). Two hours of trying, It start getting messy, so I stop and contact them again next day, Hope they have some other solutions before I post the knob for sale in classified section.

So, I pop them a email, believe it or not! They reply me with a good news! They just tested a new adaptor to use on the stock shifter, maybe I am pushing so hard on them LOL! So they make me their first adaptor for stock 500 shifter that can install TWM knobs without replace the full short shifter unit.

This is the new TWM adaptor specially make for our 500ís. They confirm this adaptor will fit with or without the reverse lockout. So now any TWMís knob can be use on stock shifter included the Craven short shifter. There knob can also adjusting the height. I set it about half inch lower than the stock height which feel very comfortable on the first 5 miles test ride. I really Love it!

Below is the picture I installed the new adaptor along with the Specter Hybrid knob. Btw, the new knob is 400g. Stock knob is 290g
Folks if you looking for a weighted knob but have the stock shifter or Crave Short Shifter. TWM has the adaptor now.