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09-10-2013, 03:46 PM
Long story short, this was no fault of the car. This was solely on the shoulders of the worst Fiat service department in the country, FIAT of Fresno.
After repeated and extended visits for service, I couldn't take dealing with them any longer. Example, three months ago they ordered a shift boot. It took them two and a half months to notify me the part came in. Then when I finally take the car in, three other issues had come up by that time. The buttons on the radio were peeling, tpms fault and the spoiler was cracked. So the car goes in on a Monday. By Tuesday the boot is done. But they can't figure out how to order the radio and we are waiting on the spoiler. (by the way, I am in a rental this whole time) So the following Monday they order the radio. Tuesday the spoiler gets painted....the wrong damn color. Wednesday it gets repainted. Thursday it gets installed. Friday I pick the car up. The radio still hasn't been changed, the spoiler is on wrong, there is weather gasket pieces everywhere inside of my rear hatch, they did not address my TPMS light, and they scratched through the paint on my roof when doing the spoiler. They didn't even mention the scratches. I saw these as soon as I got home. Two weeks in the shop for basic repairs, unacceptable.
This was only one visit with them. Every time I'm there its the same old sh*t. F*ck FIAT of Fresno.

I traded my Prima in for a new FJ.....which is what I traded in when I bought my Prima. I still have my Abarth, but I rarely drive it and they will never ever touch that car. It's worth towing the Abarth to the bay area in my opinion when I need service.

I've written to Fiat corporate in the US and Italy. They have not responded.

09-10-2013, 04:42 PM
I love my Fiat, but all these horror stories regarding crappy service studios makes me very nervous. I sincerely hope Fiat steps up and begins addressing these issues soon. They built a great car, but if we as customers cannot rely on our local studios to service them, the brand will disappear yet again.

Sucks you had those issues Giuseppe, but it sucks even more that the Studio in Fresno was so "un-concerned" with repairing your car correctly.

09-24-2013, 01:35 AM
Hi Joe,

Great meeting you yesterday. I'm really pretty confident that Niello will be a good steward for the Fiat since they already have the Maserati and is set to sell Alfa Romeo pretty soon. I'll keep the forum advised as I work with them.
AX was fairly successful...but I DNF'd 2 out of 5 by bad lap count (duh) . The Pirellis have had it at 15k so I'm having some Cooper Zeons installed tomorrow (stock size). Only 1.5 seconds behind the GS winner so I'm happy. I'll see how the new tires work at the Sacramento Section Enduro this coming weekend.

I'll look forward to following your race exploits!


09-25-2013, 06:58 PM
Nice meeting you as well Bill. I would have enjoyed staying to see you run. Possibly next time. I look forward to your feedback regarding Niello. Semper Paratus.