View Full Version : make your trunk a lot bigger

09-05-2013, 04:22 PM
Hi There,

I don't know about you but I never carry the 120V Level 1 charging cable that came with the 500e around with me. I mainly use the 240V Level 2 charger in my garage and occasionally a public Chargepoint and I leave the Level 1 cable at my office for a rare, slow top up. With no need to carry a charging cable, there is really no need for its box that takes up half the trunk so I pulled mine out.

I flipped the nuts that hold the box down upside down (wide washer up) then ground off the excess bolt (angle grinders are the best). The box is still reinstallable and the shortened mounting bolts are not any higher than the surrounding sound insulation for a flat floor. I got a matching rubber back floor mat from Home Deport for $9 and cut it to size and it looks great. With just a little adjustment the tire compressor fits in the well under the driver seat. First picture shows the deeper trunk - as deep as the compressor is tall for scale. The second shows the compressor tucked under the seat and the last two the trunk box mounting bolts before and after trimming.