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09-01-2013, 08:08 PM
More pics to come once I finish my engine bay. I have installed everything myself mostly using a lift. Here's a brief rundown:

Neu-F springs. Mad props to Madness Joseph (aka 500T Copperhead) for recommending these. Spring rates and height are spot on. Very comfy ride. Really helped achieve neutrality in steering. Typical spring installation procedures. Others have outlined that pretty well.

STS rear anti-sway bar. Very easy installation. Like the springs, it really helped tracking. No fine adjustments necessary to the steering wheel when freeway driving.

15mm spacers. Seems like the right amount. I would like ones that physically bolt to the brake rotor, but these Otis spacers are fine for the time being. If they were bolted to the brake rotors though it would make mounting the wheels easier. These cannot accommodate those kinds of bolts.

Upper chassis brace. Some people say that these are useless. They might be. At the very least I think that it could cut down vibration. I like the looks and the one that I have dives back toward the windshield far enough to be out of the way of most everything that needs attention. Installation goes without saying.

Madness Niveus CAI. I first started out trying a Competizione CAI so I could keep the stock engine cover. It would not fit no matter what I tried. Madness Joseph was great to make the exchange for the Niveus. This Niveus seems to be version 2 since the installation video shows one with different bends and a 2-1/2" straight silicone coupler hose. The one that I received came with a very short 2-1/2" 90 degree silicone elbow. If you get one of these you will need a longer 90 degree elbow. Do yourself a favor and get a 2-3/8" elbow with 4" long legs. That will make the installation possible. Seemed to help with low end power, but don't expect this one mod to perform miracles on its own.

Road Race timing controller. Some people say that you only really feel the difference once you remove it. I like the way my car is performing, hence I will not remove it.:tears_of_joy: I do think that this needs to be paired with a decent intake to work well. Installation goes without saying.

Madness go-pedal. Much has been written about these here before. I wouldn't enjoy my car as much without it. Installation is super easy except for the position that you need to get in to install it.

Custom weighted billet shift knob. It is nearly the same shape as stock. There are cavities inside so I filled them with coils of lead solder. There is also an aluminum threaded collar to hide the allen screws. Very easy install.

Modern Performance underdrive kit. This is a mod that really helps with responsiveness and smooths out any hesitation. The stock pulley is pretty crude cast aluminum. This one is fully machined. Installation is pretty fool proof, but space is tight and taking off and putting on the plastic wheel well liners is a pain. Note that tensioner wheel is automatic. Moving it to remove and install the belt is accomplished by turning the center bolt clockwise (tightening direction) with a box-end wrench. That will swing it down to allow for slack in the belt. The directions were not clear to me about that procedure. I would rate this as a mod that makes for a very decent result.

3G Customs engine cover. I bought this one because it works well with the Niveus. However, space is tight and it needs trimming. I will be doing that soon and painting it. I also have one other mod under the hood, but my part hasn't arrived yet. Once I get that and paint the engine cover I will post more pics.

Enjoy the holiday!

09-01-2013, 11:33 PM
Nice collection of mods going on here, engine cover should be interesting to see when done.