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08-31-2013, 07:13 PM
How much are folks paying over invoice for the 500L?

I'm interested in the 500L Trekking and the dealership is asking for MSRP. Was wondering if this is what everyone else is paying. I haven't been able to find any cash incentives or cash holdbacks from Fiat that could be passed on to the buyer. This would mean that the dealership's profit is that which is between invoice and MSRP.

Interested to know of any negotiating tactics that were used to get the price that you got.

08-31-2013, 09:27 PM
We got a Trekking with all the options except sunroof for $300 under dealer invoice. Plus we got $200 more than the KBB top dollar figure for our trade + 1.39% for 60 with TD Bank. We got a very fair deal not to mention the whole buying experience was among the best we have ever experienced. Not sure where you are but we are in Mass and purchased from Herb Chambers FIAT of Worcester. Our salesman was a great guy and recently purchased an L for himself. It was very refreshing to purchase from a salesman enthusiastic about the product. We absolutely love this car!

09-02-2013, 05:00 PM

That is incredible that you got it $300 below invoice. Are you sure you have the correct invoice numbers? What reason did the dealer give for giving you such a great price?

09-02-2013, 05:10 PM
We paid Msrp, split the difference for dealer add ons .& delivery fee but they gave us $4k over kbb on trade in.

09-02-2013, 05:58 PM
We paid invoice but it was only because we had bought so many from the same studio before.

09-03-2013, 05:04 PM
Paid MSRP minus $500 for an Easy with Beats, Popular Equipment Package and a black roof (white body). Also got 2 years of maintenance for free.

09-08-2013, 08:31 PM
We purchased ours at $1,000 under invoice. We bought an Abarth a months before the 500L purchase. They gave us a great deal with no trade in.

09-10-2013, 07:58 AM
I got mine for about $700 off MSRP. I used my bank's car buying service (USAA) so they give a suggested price and a list of dealerships that are willing to match it. I hate haggling so its just easier.