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08-31-2013, 03:16 PM
Keep the interior of your FIAT 500L cool and protected with this Windshield Sunshade Set.


There are a number of companies that make sun shades for a car. The problem is that most of them are "One Size Fits All" shades. They rarely work well and due to the design of the FIAT 500L windshield are not too effective with our cars.

We have selected this custom-fit automotive sunshade for your 500L due to its high quality and ease of use. This car shade helps the 500L stay cooler and protects the dash from the damaging sun rays and heat. This windshield cover is guaranteed to fit correctly since it is not a one size all cover. It is specifically made for the FIAT 500L. The cover requires no fasteners or Velcro and is very easy to use.

The company is very well known and respected in the industry. We are confident you will enjoy the benefits of this cover and it's ease of use.

Here are some specific details on the item:

Custom designed to fit the shape of the car's windshield. The material of the cover is simple and unique special metalized polyester film laminated to a thin layer of closed-cell foam w/a clear polyester film back custom cut, using the latest in computer-aided cutting technology sewn around the edge with a cloth binding cover is reflective, insulating and custom fit for the FIAT 500L reduces the inside temperature by as much as 40 deg.

This set comes with a main windshield shade and two smaller side window shades.

Here is the direct product link:


Feel free to give us a call at 562-981-6800 with any questions or two order yours!

09-01-2013, 05:00 PM
Funny thing on the way home for breakfast this morning Sue informs me that her old Miata sun shade has finally given out so I said no problem and ordered her the right one from you folks! I had no idea until this posting that you had them in stock.