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08-24-2013, 08:18 PM
Hello all,

As you may or may not know I am working on connecting the in-dash cooler to the AC system. While in the dashboard I decided to pull the radio out and see what I could find out about it.
the trim can easily be pulled by opening the upper glovebox and pulling the trim straight out. There are clips every 3 -4 inches but it is easy to pull by hand. When you get to the steering wheel, the fabric filler between the dash and the wheel opening is held in by clips. I did not remove those, and just let it lay on its face on the steering wheel.
There are 4 screws on the radio itself and then it it slotted into to the lower button strip so you have to pull those three screws as well. They are all torx #20

Without a CD player int his unit, it is fairly shallow. About 5.5 inches. The dash can hold a much deeper unit. I did not measure this, but It would fit most double DIN units.

There are four plugs. The large multi-wire plug for power, speakers and the like. Two plugs int he middle of the unit. I assume one is the GPS/Satellite radio antenna and the other is the backup camera. I may be wrong on those. Then there is one more down near the bottom that I unplugged and know for sure is the USB connection to the AUX USB. The plug ont he back of the radio looks like a standard mini USB, not the micro USB that Androids use, the next larger one that cameras and external drives used to use.

I haven't done any further research in to the device itself, so feel free to dive deeper. There is a good label picture


08-24-2013, 09:31 PM
You have Beats/Sirius, and there IS an ID number for XM on the back of the unit. If there are two different units, the number should be absent from the non-sirius units, yes?

08-24-2013, 09:51 PM
I do have Beats and Sat radio. I would assume that the units without it would not have the id number.

However the more I investigate the Chrysler head units (my wife has a jeep) I keep finding that these units have all sorts of other functions that are not in the released version. Kind if like Android. It is good out if the box, but there are a whole slew of features that can be unlocked.

There are lockpick devices that plug between the speaker plug and the headunit that allow for three cameras and even unlock the nav features. Search for lockpick and uconnect.

I believe these also come with custom software that can be loaded to expand and unlock other things as well