View Full Version : Calling all Washington State Abarth-500T owners for new downpipe prototype fitment!

08-22-2013, 12:10 PM
Hi Everyone, Looking for a reliable Abarth-500T owner in the Washington State area who is somewhat close
to Auburn Washington.

I have reached out to John over at Tork Motorsports who currently builds a VERY attractive Dart downpipe.

This is a full stainless 3" into 2.5" with Integrated MIDPIPE to take all bottlenecks out of the system.

This is the best design currently for the following reasons.

#1 No need to buy a higher flow less restrictive midpipe when another vendor finally offers one.

#2Even if a vendor offers a good midpipe solution, the dp-midpipe flange is still a bottleneck at 2.25" or smaller.

#3This will (hopefully) sell for around the same ballpark of just a downpipe alone. - (the dart CATTED goes for $499 I believe.)

#4Catted or Catless - *Or possibly a pipe with integrated v-bands to switch out different cats or straight pipe.

#5full future proofing for further mods to make big power.
bolts in to stock exhaust back box.

#6No gimmicks,Chicanery,Bravo Sierra or other shenanigans.

I'm Not affiliated with Tork Motorsports in anyway.

I just want that Dart downpipe on my car and want to see this come to fruition as
the be all - end all downpipe solution as all other vendors cannot seem to understand that
the midpipe and midpipe flange are still a huge bottleneck..

Tork is already jigged up making the Dart downpipes which are identical to the Abarth-500T downpipes.
the only difference is with the integrated midpipe, the darts midpipe is a bit longer with integrated flex joint.
the abarth has no flex joint in the midpipe and is a bit shorter, (midpipe has flex on Abarth)

So this downpipe should be a piece of cake and homerun for John and team @ tork to produce.

Lets make this happen!

Anyone in Washington state close to Auburn please respond to this thread of the original and we can get you in touch with John and the guys @ Tork.


check out my original thread for more information below.