View Full Version : Turbo Blanket Clarifications

08-21-2013, 06:15 PM
We have seen a number of posts made over the last week by a competitor about Turbo Blankets and would like to clarify some things:

1. We have personally installed over 50 Turbo Blankets at our own facility and have never had an issue with any bolts being stripped.

2. We have shipped well over 100 blankets and have never had one reported incident of a bolt being stripped.

3. The turbo blanket that PTP designed was designed to perfectly cover the needed parts of the turbo. Making it a bit bigger to say "Ours is bigger" is silly. It perfectly covers the needed parts.

4. Saying "ours is 10x better" is also a silly statement since there is absolutely no proof of this of ANY kind.


We do not make the PTP Blanket. We simply offer it and install it at our shop. The product is of excellent quality with zero reported issues.

There is no need to bad mouth a product by spreading false information just to push sales. You want to sell a competing product? Go for it, but putting false information out there to confuse or scare people is plain wrong.

Sorry to even bring this up, but seeing this kind of stuff being posted over and over again gets old.