View Full Version : photos from Abarth Driving Experience Aug 8th at Autobahn

Robert Nixon
08-17-2013, 12:27 AM

I put my photos on Facebook, so hopefully this link takes you there and you can see that we had some great weather!

All the events, facilities, cars, instructors, food, etc were very well done. For anyone not sure about this event, I'd say it's well worth it. No, it's not an all out 140mph track day, and no it's not an autocross instructional day, but it's just a lot of fun with the Abarth and fellow Abarth owners.

We had about 50 folks on the 8th last week, and it was fun to meet some of them and talk during the day. The track was my favorite part, and I'm sure doing some real track days would be a blast with the Abarth.

All the drivers received a USB stick, which we plugged in for every driving session, so it's fun to watch the video with the graphic overlays showing speed, rpms, track map, etc. We also got a cool Abarth travel mug, and the winners of the autocross and head-to-head got some other cool stuff too, like a t-shirt or Abarth polo shirt.